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doctorkDr. Paul Klenoff is a board certified dermatologist.  His practice encompasses all areas of dermatology.


Practice Scope

Skin Cancer

  • Skin cancer screenings and treatment for most skin cancers

Treatment for all skin conditions

Dr. Klenoff provides treatment for all kinds of skin conditions including skin cancer. Patients who come to Dr. Klenoff can be assured of individual attention and personalized care.

Most Skin conditions should be diagnosed as soon as possible after their onset in order to maximize the chances for effective treatment, and in the case of curable conditions, the likelihood of a cure.

Sometimes a delay in diagnosis results in the necessity for more complicated and prolonged treatment. Chronic skin conditions that may have become incurable over time can often be managed by using the right medications and making suitable lifestyle modifications.

Of all skin conditions, skin cancer is often the cause for the most concern. In the United States, skin cancer is found to be one of the most common among all types of cancers. Skin cancer should be detected early and skin cancer treatment started promptly to maximize the likelihood of a cure and to minimize any scarring from the treatment. Any growths, pigmentation, or change on the skin should be considered a possible cause for concern and should be checked by a dermatologist. A qualified and experienced dermatologist should be approached as soon as you detect the change, and a skin cancer screening should be conducted immediately. The great majority of skin cancers are treatable by in-office surgical procedures which include simple excision, Moh`s micrographic surgery, destruction by curettage and electrodessication, and cryosurgery. Some skin cancers are even treatable with topical medications.

Dr. Klenoff provides treatment for various other skin conditions also such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. Eczema is a skin condition that causes inflammation and irritation on the skin. Psoriasis typically produces red plaques or patches with silvery scales. This is due to skin cells growing too quickly. This is considered a life-long condition but can be controlled and managed with suitable treatment. Acne, though a common problem of the young adults, is also seen fairly commonly in adults. Rosacea affects mainly the face, causing the nose, chin, cheeks and forehead to appear red. Other skin disorders for which treatment is offered here are tags, cysts, warts and other growths, keratosis, etc.

Dr. Klenoff answers all of his patients’ concerns individually. With over 30 years of experience and a high level of expertise and know-how added to the direct method of treatment, care and supervision, Dr. Klenoff has been able to bring relief to thousands of patients in and around New Jersey.

Injectable Wrinkle Treatments

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